What is The Tongue in Cheek Coffee Paper?


The Tongue in Cheek is a weekly publication, it’s extremely addictive and incredibly humorous. We’ve been providing local businesses affordable advertising and its readers nonstop giggles for over 20 years!

The Tongue in Cheek is delivered to restaurants, pubs, cafes, coffee shops, medical clinics, community centers, auto repair shops, hair salons, retail stores, veterinarians, hospitals, retirement homes, post offices, industrial areas and more…

Anywhere you might find yourself waiting, you should find
a copy of the Tongue in cheek.

Did you find the hidden Cheeky Monkey in this weeks issue?
You can enter once per week for the monthly prize!

Tongue in Cheek Monkey

Funny Jokes, games, puzzles and witty stories, makes the Tongue in Cheek very popular with Squamish residents.

With full color issues available in close to 200 locations, the Tongue in Cheek

is a powerful and effective media for advertising in Squamish.


The Tongue in Cheek has been making Squamish laugh for over 20 years! 80% of the businesses in Squamish carry your weekly LOLs, getting it in as many readers hands as possible.


Reach your target audience! The Tongue in Cheek is almost everywhere and has a giggle for everyone, so whoever your target audience is – you’ll reach them by advertising in the Tongue in Cheek.


Grow your business and build your brand with affordable, impactful advertising! The Tongue in Cheeks cost effective rates make advertising accessible.

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We circulate to 80% of businesses locally.

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