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The Tongue in Cheek is a weekly coffee paper publication and it’s extremely addictive and incredibly humorous.Providing local businesses affordable advertising and its readers nonstop weekly giggles for over 20 years!

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Funny Business

Funny Jokes, games, puzzles and witty stories, makes the Tongue in Cheek very popular with Squamish residence.

With over 230 locations, the Tongue in Cheek is a powerful media for Advertising in Squamish.


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The Tongue in Cheek is a Squamish community coffee paper full of jokes, contests, puzzles, local ads and coupons. A new issue is distributed every week and displayed in local businesses.

Edgy Jokes

the tongue in cheek is packed full of funny jokes and lol’s. You will laugh from every issue…GUARANTEED!

Games & Puzzles

Every issue will surely entertain wiht a new game or puzzle every week. Don’t forget to find the hidden monkey in every issue!

Horoscopes & Hacks

We have the funniest horoscopes you have ever read…and accurate too! Also check out the Life Hacks of the week, you may learn something.

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We circulate to 90% of businesses locally.

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We Have The Ad Impressions

The Tongue in Cheek is Squamish’s most picked up publication! Our readers are addicted with no cure!!

Mr. Popular

Popularity combined with a huge circulation gets the TIC in readers hands.

Old School Fun

The Tongue in Cheek has been making readers laugh for 20 years and counting.

Can't Get Away From Us!

Simply put…the Tongue in Cheek is everywhere in Squamish. 90% of the busineses carry your weekly lol’s.