Do I pay for my campaign up front?

No your advertising is a subscription that will automatically be processed on your credit card monthly from when you sign up.

Is there a contract?

Yes, your subsciption is non-transferable and will run until your term has completed. You can choose to have your subscription renew or not.

Am I responsible for the ad design?

No, all of our advertising packages come with an ad design pack at no charge. If you are not on the yearly subscription you can purchase more ads for the indicated price for your subscription.

Where do you circulate?

We distribute in all types of businesses, cafes, restaurants, medical offices and retail businesses. Our distributions covers over 230 businesses from througout Squamish.

What is your target reader?

Our readers range in ages from teens and pre-teens, middle age to the elderly. We have observed our readers for many years and know that our readers are of all ages, educations and household income. Anyone that likes a good chuckle and a few minutes away from the strain of everyday life. The Tongue in Cheek is a great media to ‘blanket’ the market with your brand message.


The Tongue in Cheek is delivered to restaurants, pubs, cafes, coffee shops, medical clinics, community centers, auto repair shops, hair salons, retail stores, malls, veterinarians, bus depots, airports, hospitals, retirement homes, post offices, industrial areas and more…
Anywhere with a waiting room you should find a copy of the Tongue in cheek.


With extremely affordable rates your company can now afford to advertise in Squamish regularly and stay competitive. Place a business ad and get noticed with the Tongue in Cheek!


Why people read the Tongue in Cheek and why you want to advertise in it!

Funny and Addictive

Readers can’t get enough of the Tongue in Cheek Coffee Papper. Every week is a new issue!

Designed for Everyone

The Tongue in Cheek reaches every demographic because of the diversity in content.

Amazing Circulation

The Tongue in Cheek is distributed to 90% of buisinesses and is always in a great location.

Tongue in Cheek Monkey

Weekly Issues

For advertisers and readers alike, we have a weekly issue to keep the jokes coming!

Local Local Local

We are a true local business, owned, oporated and founded locally in squamish…supporting local businesses and the community alike.

Pass The Time

Readers love the games and whitty horoscopes…and don’t forget about the hidden monkey!