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About The Paper

Founded in 2000 in Squamish BC, The Tongue in Cheek has entertained locals for almost 20 years.

The Tongue in Cheek is a 1 or 2 page publication, jam packed with content and local advertising. Filled with witty stories, jokes, horoscopes, games and puzzles, locals find the publication entertaining, funny and part of their community.

Businesses find the publication is an effective means of advertising with high ad impressions at a low cost. This is good, as the revenue is generated by advertisement sales.


The Tongue in Cheek is distributed weekly to local businesses of all types; from restaurants and cafes to waiting rooms, salons, spas, medical clinics and more.

The distribution goal for the Tongue in Cheek is to be in more places then your average publication, we reach 80% of businesses in any given market.

With a high circulation, more copies are picked up every week, advertisers yield higher ad impressions and it becomes known that the Tongue in Cheek is a great place to advertise local businesses.

What To Expect

a simple, affordable franchise

Your Market

The Tongue in Cheek is most suitable for cities and towns with populations from 20,000 to 80,000. In larger metropolitan centers, we segment geographical areas into smaller neighbourhoods so that distribution is managable and local advertisements are more effective.

Time Investment

The average time invested weekly for a franchisee is 12-16 hours. As a franchisee, you choose how much time to invest in your business.

What’s great about this busness model is it allows the franchisee to have additional income sources or multiple franchise markets.

Or simply choose to generate a full time income on part time hours.


The Tongue in Cheek franchise model is designed to keep costs tight and consistent. As a franchise owner, you can work from a home office, keeping your costs even lower.

Weekly costs include; Weekly publication printing and your franchise fee. THAT’S IT! These costs vary based on your market size and circulation.

Most franchise owners prefer to distribute themselves, this is optional. If you prefer to hire a distributer, you will incur that weekly labour cost.

The Ideal Franchise Owner

Having a background in sales, advertising sales or business in general will prove to be fruitful for the average franchise owner, however, it is not a pre-requisite to own a franchise.

This is a great business for someone that wants to increase their income without investing a lot of time monthly, or someone that is a stay at home parent with school aged children, or even someone that is looking for a career change.

There are numerous ideal candidates, simply someone that would like their own business that is safe with a proven business model.